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Voyager Legend Mic Boost Windows 7

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Hi there!


I have just bought Voyager Legend and have successfully connected the device to my computer and my Android mobile phone.


All working great on my Android mobile phone, the sound is excellent and the mic volume is good.


But, when i connect it to my computer and trying to use it with programs like Mumble or Ventrilo all people starts complaining about my mic volume.


Then i remembered that i need to enable Mic Boost, but i cant seem to do that on Voyager Legend? The option to enable Mic Boost is gone, see this picture (Windows 7):

Link: MicBoostMissing - Imgur



I have the recent drivers for my sound card (Realtek  ALC269 version

And i have the recent Firmware of Voyager Legend (version 44)


I have searched the net for a long time, and what i can understand im in need of some sort of driver for my Bluetooth Microphone that support Mic Boost.

The same is for USB Microphones i think.


Its really need some kind of Mic Boost to my Voyager Legend. If i cant find a solution on this problem i have to buy a new Microphone to my computer.


Best regards


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    plttech_caitlin PlantronicsEmployee



    The Voyager Legend is plug and play, which means that it uses the drivers already installed on your computer. Plantronics does not make or supply drivers, however, if you contact you computers manufacture, they may have it. You may also want try using it with a USB Bluetooth adaptor rather than with your computers internal Bluetooth card.


    You can also adjust the mic volume in the sounds properties menu or sometimes within the application you are using.