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M25 or M50 -- for a newbie

bear Newbie

Hello all.  I may be the last person on earth who has never owned a bluetooth device.  I am not a dumb guy but I am not so good with technology.  I have a blackberry Bold 9900 phone.  I am going to buy either a Plantronics M25 or M50.  They are the same price at the store.   All I want is something easy to use, not too uncomfortable, that will not drop calls and that will have decent sound quality.   I don't need any fancy bells and whisltes or features.  I probably would not know how to use them anyway.  Which should I buy -- the M25 or M50?   Thanks for your advice!

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    pop Master

    Hey AK,


    I don't have either so take what I say for what it is.


    Did a small search for you and it does seem that the M50 is a discontinued product and M25 is the latest. M25 has also some features like deep sleep that the M50 lacks. The ear loop designs are also different so the comfort factor maybe different.


    If you can return after you buy, I would try both