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New Legend won't charge

irchamandy Newbie

I just bought a new Voyager Legend.  I tried to charge it but it won't charge.  I put the charger on the end of the ear piece and it seems to snap into place magnetically but it won't charge.  i am not 100% sure it is attached properly but it only seems to fit one way.  I find this charger attachment weird.  What do I need to do to get it to charge?

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    Mod3 PlantronicsEmployee

    Hi irchamandy - it seems you're doing it right if you feel the magnetic connector snap into place. Just to be sure though, what are you connecting the charger to? (Computer, car, wall outlet?)

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    pop Master


    The way the charger is designed it would only fit one way and when it does you would hear the snap (as @Mod3) says. When it snaps in and you have it connected to a PC USB port or the charger of Plantronics, you should see the blinking blue LED to indicate charging.