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Voyager Legend factory reset?

PDADoc Newbie

I've been having problems with my Voyager Legend and the BT300 USB dongle, so I wanted to reset the headset to factory defaults but I can't find how to do it anywhere in the manual or via my web searches.


Does anyone know how this can be done?

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    pop Master

    There is no real way to reset the headset.


    You can change the default settings like A2DP through firmware updater (MyHeadsetUpdater). Other than that, a simple pair and re-pair should solve most problems. Just remember to restart your PC/Phone. Most of the times that's what works

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      mattaus Newbie

      I have a Voyager Legend which is a few days old. This morning it would not work with my Samsung Galaxy S3.


      I have unpaired it, and now cannot repair it to my phone.


      Holding down the call button does not put it into pair mode and my phone cant find the headset.


      Please advise how to hard reset???

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        rhapdog Newbie

        You don't need to hard reset to do this.


        Click the Voice button on the headset, and after it says, "Say a command", speak into it "Pair Mode".


        This will put it into pairing mode so your phone can find it.

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          pop Master

          Matt, yes as "rhapdog" says, you can use either the voice button or keep the call button pressed till it says "Pairing".


          If it doesn't work right, try switching off and on the Legend. As mentioned before there is no hard reset, but many times you can sort of reset the headset functions by simply using the MyHeadsetUpdater. Try that.

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    bdbrick Newbie

    I have had some problems too so I called support. They had me reset it by going to the updater and updating my bluetooth even tough it had the current firmware. This took care of my problem...