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Static and connectivity Issues with Voyager Pro UC and Samsung Galaxy S3

jeremycase Newbie

I love the fact that I can use this headset with both my phone and connected to my pc. However, when using it with my phone, there is an annoying amount of static on both sides of the call. I've tried unpairing and repairing multiple times and it has never improved.


That leads me to my second issue. When the headset and the phone get disconnected, I can't tic the box for Call Audio. It just connects to media audio, or not at all. I have to disable bluetooth and turn the headset off, then turn on bluetooth and the headset back on before it connects properly.


I should mention that I have no audio issues when connected to my PC. Audio is crystal clear when using it for meetings, VOIP calls, etc. I also have no connectivity issues with my PC using the Bluetooth adapter that came with the headset.