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Voyager Legend Update Now Available

PLTAdmin PlantronicsEmployee

Plantronics Voyager Legend™ Update Now Available

The updated firmware for Voyager Legend is now available.  This firmware improves most reported issues around call clarity and audio distortion. You can update your Voyager Legend online at www.plantronics.com/myheadset-updater. We encourage all Voyager Legend owners to visit MyHeadset Updater to apply the latest firmware updates.


You’ll need a Windows-compatible PC and the USB charging cable that was included with your Voyager Legend purchase. If you don’t have access to a Windows PC, or you have questions about the update process, please contact our support team at: 1-888-PLANTRONICS


Thanks again for your feedback and patience,

Sounding Board Community Manager


  • 1. Re: Voyager Legend Update Now Available
    pop Master

    Thank you guys. Just did the upgrade.. will take it for a full test drive tomorrow.


    It would be great if we could get a full changelog

  • 2. Re: Voyager Legend Update Now Available
    ajaibir Novice

    Updated the firmware 44 and it was found that Audio distortion is not there .


    Now problem  has started with VOICE CLARITY . Did tested the same for 4-5 hours however the sound which comes to us as user has clarity issue  and the Listener do receive clear voice .


    Request to look into the matter and you have to come up with another update of firmware !!

  • 3. Re: Voyager Legend Update Now Available
    pop Master

    Ajabir what phone are you using? You could also be having wireless interference, so try switching off your wifi or change locations.


    I have seen this happen with stubbon wireless routers.

  • 4. Re: Voyager Legend Update Now Available
    ajaibir Novice

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Note II and between above remarks and now , I have reconfirmed ....and even got it check from my friend that the Voice is not Crisp and Clear . I am using  Voyager HD & 975 and there is NO ISSUE


    As suggested , I did tried checking by putting Wifi off on phone and moving away from Wifi (CISCO 3000) to other location ...and CRISPNESS & CLARITY is still an ISSUE inspite of full Mobile Signals !!


    Please help and provide some other workable solution

  • 5. Re: Voyager Legend Update Now Available
    pop Master

    OK, I am also using a Note II, so this is not a problem with the Legend and the phone. The static you are talking about are you hearing it everywhere or just in some places/calls?


    I wasn't talking about switching off the wifi on the phone but rather the wi-fi router. It's likely that there is channel interference. If it's only happening in the location you have Wi-fi then you can be sure that's the case; moving away won't help if your Wi-fi has long range; rather try it in a location you have no Wi-fi for example. Remember, that the Legend uses Bluetooth 3.0 unlike the other models.


    If all the above doesn't help, it's possible you have a defective set and maybe you should contact Plantronics directly for it.

  • 6. Re: Voyager Legend Update Now Available
    ajaibir Novice

    Many Thanks for quick Response ...I did put off the router itself .....I am getting the static on all calls ....Just a small clarification....does Bluetooth 3.0 and wifi has some close connection or issue ...


    I will consult Plantronics team on Monday as see if they can sort of this issue .

  • 7. Re: Voyager Legend Update Now Available
    alanpgh Newbie

    Update (for iPhone 5) has a problem.

    I updated, and all went fine... It finished successfully.


    Only problem now is that my Voyager Legend does not even turn on.  Even shows nothing when plugged into a USB port.  No LED lights, whether turned on or off.  Unit is dead.  I just requested a replacement online.


    Any suggestions?




  • 8. Re: Voyager Legend Update Now Available
    ajaibir Novice

    Voice of the caller is shivering.at my end.... however my voice is being heard very clear at other end....

    ......Prior to this update there were other issues ...which got sorted out ...hopefully

    Plantronics needs to help me ....

  • 9. Re: Voyager Legend Update Now Available
    pop Master

    You seem to have issues with the headset. How about getting it replaced, call up Plantronics.

  • 10. Re: Voyager Legend Update Now Available
    ajaibir Novice

    I must say that earlier firmware was much better than this one .......


    It is not an issue with headset ...but with this firmware .....


    Community Manager must reply !!

  • 11. Re: Voyager Legend Update Now Available
    astrobufff Novice

    Purchased Legend in Mumbai, India on Nov 2nd.

    Updated to firmware 44 with all relevant details correctly selected.

    Phones used HTC ChaCha A810e and HTC Wildfire S A510e.

    Selected "Accept" when prompted to allow phonebook access with "Always" checkbox ticked on both devices.

    Caller Announce does not work in either.

    Kindly advise.


  • 12. Re: Voyager Legend Update Now Available
    PLTEngSW PlantronicsEmployee



    During an incoming call do you hear any spoken message from the headset? Did the Caller ID function work with the previous firmware of did you do the update immediately so you have been using V44 firmware all the time?



  • 13. Re: Voyager Legend Update Now Available
    wditters Newbie

    For me Caller ID and voice command work fine with FW44, both on my Blackberry 9700 my iPhone 5. It may be handset OS dependent?

  • 14. Re: Voyager Legend Update Now Available
    astrobufff Novice

    The headset came with its original firmware which I updated immediately on purchase to firmware 39 on 2nd Nov.


    Now I am on Firmware 44 since 6th Nov,


    I have successfully managed to get call announce working on both Galaxy Y CDMA and GSM versions running Android 2.3.6 with our firmware 44. So my upgrade settings were okay.


    However My HTC ChaCha A810e  and HTC Wildfire S A510e running Android 2.3.5 are not announcing caller name, Instead I get message “Incoming Call, Accept or Ignore”


    So apparently there is either a compatibility or settings issue with HTC handsets and our firmware as another gentleman on the sounding board with an HTC handset also has the same issue.




    Feedback: Voice clarity issus of firmware 39 have been resolved by firmware 44. Very satisfied. Apparently the battery lasts longer or so I noticed, but I may be wrong.




    Kindly advise.


    I am more than game for any R&D that you may suggest.




    Dr Himanshu Sheth

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