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iPhone 5 can't "see" my Voyager Pro HD

mathgoddess314 Newbie

I had an iPhone 4 and it worked wonderfully with my Voyager Pro HD.


When I got my iPhone 5, I loaded it from my iPhone 4's backup and everything else works great but it can't seem to "see" my Plantronics Voyager Pro HD. It has no memory of ever having seen it. I've tried reboots. I've tried it when the headset is blue and when it is red.


For some reason, I can't get the headset to "blink red/blue" like I heard people discussing.


I noticed two people in this thread have been having similar problems.


Anyone have any possible solutions?

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    mathgoddess314 Newbie

    iPhone 5 not pairing: Apple Support Communities

    "Was able to fix this with my Plantronics Voyager Legend by simultaneously pusing the answer and on button on the headset and holding the answer button down until it turned red."


    iPhone5 bluetooth not working: Apple Support Communities

    (Ugh, really?! I'll feel like an idiot if this works)

    1. "Go back and read the iPhone manual, Bluetooth section.
    2. Don't try to do this while driving.
    3. Take a deep breath and relax.
    4. Unpair/delete your old phone, although I don't think this is necessary.
    5. Make your iPhone 5 Bluetooth undiscoverable.
    6. IMPORTANT - Make sure you can see BOTH your car interface and your iPhone 5 display.
    7. From your car interface, tell your car to look for a new Bluetooth device.
    8. Now make your iPhone 5 discoverable.
    9. Look at your iPhone 5 display, NOT your car screen, your iPhone 5 will list your car and you must acknowledge by tapping the button.
    10. Once you acknowledge the link on your iPhone 5 first, THEN your car will pick it up.
    11. From here, everyone knows how to complete the pairing process."
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    reme Apprentice

    It's normal to lose the BT profiles saved in the iPhone when switching to a new iPhone and restoring from a backup.


    On the Voyager Pro HD you can force it to go into pairing mode by starting with it OFF.  Then pesss and hold the power button for several seconds until the LED flashes red/blue alternately.


    Then go to Bluetooth in settings on the iPhone make sure BT is ON, and look for "PLT_VoyagerPro" under devices and tap it to pair them up.