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    reme Apprentice

    I did experience the "blown/torn" speaker sound before the update on all 3 Legends I tried.  With the current v44 firmware on #4 Legend I don't see this at all.  The A2DP streaming audio is still great and phone conversations are good quality as well.  This is my experience and I'd be the 1st to mention the calling distortion as I was plagued with it before.

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    connectegr Newbie

    Your problems may be hardware related.  I have been using my Legend with my iPhone 5 for 10 days, and the firmware update solved all my initial problems.  I have not lost audio on any calls.  The automated commands do sound a little distorted at times, but they are understandable.  The important thing is the call quality.  And the sound quality is good on both ends.  I am sure that the sound quality will continue to improve with the technology.  But, it is already better than I have experienced with other wireless devices.


    I have had a few occasions where the caller did not come through clearly.  In every case I found that the caller was having issues with their own bluetooth or wireless device, or they had wandered to far from their telephone. 

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    greekmike Newbie

    This is Legend 3 for me. I can tell you that 2 our of the 3 had this problem. so I really think these things are not manufactured right or they are having issues with many batches. The first 2 I got from Amazon.com and this one I got from Best Buy (Not that it really matters where you get it)

    The second one seemed to have less of the "Blown Speaker" it was also an H2 model, behind the ear gel. I will try and exchange it at Best Buy, but it really is starting to wear thin that it will be Legend #4 and it's hit or miss of dealing with bad sound even after I update to the lates firmware.

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    reme Apprentice

    The point I was trying to make earlier is that this blown speaker sound was always ONLY associated with the headset audio profile, during calls.  In all of my 4 Legends the A2DP streaming audio quality was super rich full range audio with no distortion so I knew it was always a software issue, not the speaker itself.

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    ajaibir Newbie

    Even after firmware update and the exchange of headset,  the voice comes in the ear piece is distorted.....now product /software team has to analysis and to justice.....A2DP is wonderful ....


    I tried it at different location , call result is the same ......Further issue of voice distortion is not always ....it is intermediate ...

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    earfull66 Newbie

    I successfully did the V44 fix from all indications on my PC screen. But on 2 occasions I did the downloads, the only time I saw the Legend in the discovery mode was when it was plugged into usb on laptop, during the download of the fix. when the download and device install and fix was reported both times as successful, I unplugged the Legend as instructed, turned on the switch and all I got was the blue light, not the pairing light, with the Iphone off or with the Iphone on, in discovery mode. The speaker on the Iphone is excellent, as is the voice quality with speaker off, which is why I dumped my GS3. GS3 is a great phone, but one with mediocre, slightly fuzzy voice quality and a tinny speakerphone quality. Will wait for further developments.

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    reme Apprentice

    You can use the Legend's voice control, just press the button and say "pairing mode" and the headset should enter pairing mode.  Just a thought.

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    bz101 Novice

    Anybody else hearing a lot of static unless the phone is close by and on the same side as the ear you wear it in?  Even if it's on the desk in front of me but on the opposite side I definitely get some static.

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    reme Apprentice

    I'm happy to say that I'm getting uncanny range with my Legend.  My previous ProHD was like you describe, I couldn't have the phone and headset on opposite sides of my body (and I'm thin, 165lbs 6'1").  The Legend works great when walking, placement doesn't matter.  BT range when I accidently forget the phone on the desk as walk away is easily 20 to 30feet which again is better than any other headset I've used.

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    earfull66 Newbie

    that's a helluva thought. pairing is not well explained in manual i was

    looking at, and with my GS3, i barely had turned the BT on before the phone

    found it and paired. so i didn't have to work for it last time. now i know

    how to do discovery mode. will let you know.



    On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 10:06 PM, reme <

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    reme Apprentice

    After I did the firmware update mine went into pairing mode on its own, which I think they do if there are no previous pairs in memory, but as I mentioned, it's easy to enter pairing mode if you know the secret words...

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    Mod3 Master

    For pairing manually, there are two options. You can give the voice command to pair as reme explained, or you can simply press and hold the call control button until you hear the headset say "pairing" or see the LED on the headset begin to flash an alternating red/blue.

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    stevex Newbie

    > If I remove the headset, the program pauses and does not transfer audio to the phone.  Put the headset back on, the program resumes playing automatically.


    I love this as well,


    > If I switch off the headset the audio transfers to the phone.


    Not for me - if I switch off the headset, the audio stops playing.  I like this, because I find that if I just take the headset off and put it in my pocket, the sensor sometimes (I guess depending on how it ends up in my pocket) thinks it's on my head and resumes playing.


    What I miss is that when I take it out of my pocket and put it back on, and switch it on, I have to pull out the phone to press Play again; switching the headset on and holding down the Play button on the headset doesn't resume playback.

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    ashetoo Newbie

    I also have problems with the Voyager Legend on iPhone 5.  I've had the Voyager Pro, Voyager Pro HD and Voyager Legend.  I've used them on the iPhone 3GS, 4 and 5.  The Voyager Pro HD and Pro Legend both did the audio distortion routine on the iPhone 4 and 5.  The Voyager Pro was fine on both the iPhone 4 and 5 except that I could not turn off A2DP, and I don't like having the iPhone OS sounds (like keyboard clicks) in the headset.  So using the Voyager Pro is not going to work for me.


    But rather than get frustrated with Plantronics, I am frustrated with Apple.  I and not really an Apple fanboy anyway.  In the next few minutes, I'm just going to return my iPhone 5 to Verizon and get an HTC Windows Phone 8X and see how that does.  I like the Windows Phone 8 GUI better than the iPhone anyway and since I use it for business mainly and don't care much about apps, photos and music, Windows will be a better ecosystem for me anyway.


    As far as I'm concerned, Apple is now where Microsoft was during the Vista debacle.  They've gotten too big for their britches and I'm done with 'em.  The Plantronics Voyager Legend on the other hand...I'll make my phone choice around what works best with my BT headset.

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    bikezilla Novice



    I just bought a VL 2 days ago. NE H2, box date Sep-12 from Best Buy.

    I only read the Cnet reviews of it, the Motorola Elite Silver and the Jabra Era. The reviews seem to lean towards the VL.

    What the reviews did not mention was what was covered in the OP of this thread.


    I can confirm, as most of you have, the VL has issues with dropped audio, random muting or connection redirect, and clipped (rough/staticy) audio. I found this thread and upgraded the firmware to v44 which so far today has resolved/reduced some of those problems but not entirely.


    1) So far the calls have not been dropped or redirected back to the handset so it appears to have been fixed but I'll need some more call time to confirm.


    2) The audio quality on phone calls has improved substantially, the clipping, clicking and static is gone BUT the audio quality is not as good as the streaming audio by a fair bit. The points where it used to clip now sometimes seem muddled or slightly dipped/dropped. Knowing the streaming audio is so much better, as is the voice response, it is disappointing that the audio quality of the PRIMARY FUNCTION is the least of the three. I've had several BT devices for my phones and while this is decent, it is far from the best. Kind of a step backwards considering all the years of BT devices I've had. I hope PT steps up and improves this, but at the moment I'll deal with it as I have yet to find a decent BT device that folks can hear me on the other end. (I'll put up with diminished reception for improved transmission but I don't see why I can't have both.)


    3) The volume of the voice response has improved slightly. It still could come up a few clicks louder.


    Ergonomically this is excellently designed. I also really like the battery level push to my Iphone header.

    The earpieces do not seal nearly well enough, it really degrades the audio quality of the streaming audio. It's sufficient for calls but I'd like to have a better sealing ear gel down the road.


    The magnetic USB connecter is excellent, awesome implementation, well done. A longer cable would be nice though, sometimes I charge it on a wall outlet which means it needs to be near the floor. (Feh)


    Here's to hoping there is one more firmware update to improve the phone call audio. It works now but not as well as the unit demonstrates it is capable of.(or at least half the existing field does)

    And Cnet needs a foot in their hind-end for not catching this.