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Voyager Legend, big issues with iPhone5

reme Apprentice

I just lost my pro HD and picked up a new Voyager Legend.  I also just got the iPhone5 and set these two up.  I found the Legend to work very well with A2DP streaming, great sound and no issues streaming podcasts and iHeart radio for hours.  The Legend has a serious BT headset profile issue with iPhone5, when on a call either your outgoing audio will silently mute with no warning or all audio will mute with no warning on almost every call.  You must scramble to change audio source on the phone to get your caller back before they hang up.  I have verified this on three Legends and two iPhone5's, apparently the ProHD works OK with the iPhone5.  I have tried a Jawbone ERA and BlueAnt ST3 BT Hands free speakerphone with the iPhone5 with no issues.


Lastly, callers told me that my outgoing audio from the Legend sounded "robotic" and or slightly distorted.  I noticed what I would call "clipping" of the audio from my callers, just a distortion that was irritating.  Again, this does not happen with the other headsets.


I did use the web updater and loaded the latest firmware, no change.


I hope this can be resolved with a firmware release because the headset is useless for phone use right now!


Edit - 11/07/2012 - Fixed!!  After returning 3 Legends, I waited 4 weeks until a new firmware (v44) was released to address "some" of these issues (Plantronics hasn't come right out and said that this is "the fix for iPhone5's", but it seems to be).  I purchased Legend#4 updated the firmware to v44 and it seems to have solved most of the issues that have been reported, specifically the muting issue which was a show stopper for most iPhone5 users.  This now is back to being the best BT Headset that I've ever used, the apps, button location, audio quality, and run time make this my current dream headset.  Hats off to Plantronics!

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    Mod3 Master

    reme, have you tried pairing the headset to a different phone? Is the audio quality any different?

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    reme Apprentice

    No, I don't have another phone to pair to.  By the other reviews where folks are happy I would say that it's an issue with only iPhone5's as they seem to be the only one complaining.  BTW, I did log now two calls with tech support, last week the guy said he would check and get back, he didn't.  This week the new tech said he would take this up to management and engineering.  The tech today told me that he was seeing many iPhone5 complaints now, with various issues from muting to remote controls.


    Edit - FYI, Today I just received a new Voyager Pro HD that I ordered as a backup while this issue is sorted out with the Legend.  The ProHD paired and seems to work flawlessly with the iPhone5 like the Jawbone and BlueAnt units I tried before.


    Is the Legend the 1st Plantronics headset to use Bluetooth v3.0?  Maybe that's the issue, but then iPhone4S is also BT 3.0 so it would have similar issues I'd guess.  I'm just hoping it's a firmware fix and not a hardware issue...

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    greekmike Newbie

    Add me to the issue. I got off the phone with tech support this morning and she had me delete the profile and re-pair the headset to my iphone 5. I also have a Voyager Pro which has not had any issues with the iPhone 5. I am hearing really strange clipping sounds when people are talking; it sounds as if someone is talking through wax paper or sounds like a blown speaker on an audio system. I lose audio and the other end can't hear me and I switch from hand-set to bluetooth to get them back.. My brother received his Voyager Pro Legend today and is having the same problems. I already ordered a replacement from Amazon, but I have a feeling the issue will not go away. I have an iPhone 4s and will try to pair it to see if it's related to the iPhone 5.

    I have it syncing with my address book in the settings which is over 1700 addresses, but that still doesn't account for the terrible staticy sound.

    I have also updated to the latest firmware.

    Don't people at Plantronics have iPhone 5's to test this one instead of wasting time going through troubleshooting steps that don't work?

    I've had my Voyager Pro for 3 years and have never had to re-pair it.


    My case ID is 2915838

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    reme Apprentice

    Thanks for the feedback, I had also replaced my Legend as defective with Amazon.  The audio with the BT Headset Profile (when on a phone call) does the exact thing for me as well, the clipped audio distortion sounds like the rattle of a blown speaker or something loose inside the earpiece.  If you stream audio however, the A2DP Stereo Profile is very rich and full audio, no rattling!  So it's just the headset profile that is messed up with the Legend.


    I will wait a couple of days to see if Plantronics responds with something positive or I'll be returning my 2nd Legend and hold with the ProHD until a proven next gen product is released.


    The good news is that this should be repeatable, and Plantronics probably didn't get to test this out before the iPhone5's hit the streets.  But they should officially respond to this issue.

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    greekmike Newbie

    I agree that Plantronics needs to respond and not waste peoples time troubleshooting a problem that cannot be fixed by re-pairng the phone. I called tech support again after I posted here to let them know about this message board and they said all they can do is offer the customers returns and exchanges as defective; which is a waste of money
    for Plantronics, and a waste of time for customers.

    I also streamed music and it sounded just fine and didn't exhibit the popping problem.

    In addition I paired it with an iPhone 4s and it seemed better;so definitely has to be an iPhone 5 issue.

    Hopefully there will be a fix soon.


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    qwikee Newbie

    Yep add me too. I was just going to call tech support but I guess I will wait. I have owned MANY Plantronics BT headsets and the Legend is doing the same thing others are saying. The muting issue in the middle of the call is really annoying and scrambling to switch back to the iPhone 5 is getting old. The HD pairs and works fine. I have deleted the pairing with the Legend and repaired with no luck. Plantronics PLEASE HELP!!

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    reme Apprentice

    I would log a service call to get it documented on their system.

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    greekmike Newbie

    It is a good idea to call tech support and at least log the problem. I don't think posting here gets as noticed as a documented support case.

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    reme Apprentice

    I called in to check if there was any updated status on this issue.  The tech said that there was no reported issues with the iPhone5.  He went on to say that he's talked to 50 iPhone5 users and not had complaints, just normal setup questions and help.  He felt that I somehow received two bad headsets.  I have now returned #2 legend to Amazon and ordered #3 direct from Plantronics.  So, this headset #3 will either be a charm or the last straw on the Legend for me.

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    Mod3 Master

    Hello everyone - we are currently testing functionality with the iPhone 5 and the Legend. Unfortunately, Apple does not release their products for compatibility testing before they come out, and due to the timing of this release we were unable do any testing with the Legend and iPhone 5 before its release.

    As I've stated in other threads, there are known issues with the iPhone 5 and Bluetooth headsets, just as there were with the 4s. We're working on seeing what we can do to help remedy this issue. I can assure you your posts have not gone unnoticed.


    We understand your frustration and appreciate your sticking with us, and I will keep you posted on anything I can find out as far as possible firmware upgrades or any statements from Apple regarding this issue.

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    reme Apprentice

    Thanks for the response!  I figured as much and it's just the nature of the game with this stuff, Apple surely doesn't seem to share data early or often...  I love my Plantronics gear it's good stuff.  As I've mentioned earlier, the Plantronics ProHD, Jawbone ERA. BlueAnt ST3 all perform with zero issues when used all day long with my iPhone5 so I have faith that the iPhone5 is pretty stable.


    I'm just praying that the Legend only needs a firmware tweak in its Headset Profile.  The Legend's A2DP profile already seems stable with the iPhone5, really good sound and the bass response seems the best I've heard in a earpiece.  It's so close to perfect, but obviously the headset profile is a deal breaker if it's not rock solid in a earpiece since quality talking is its primary function.

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    bennyhill5 Novice

    I Had to comment on this issue because I've been through 3 voyager legends and thought it was just me having this issue. I have an open case number with Plantronics and have spoken to them several times . I've gotten the same response as noted previously.  Un-pair / re-pair I've done this numerous times with no help. I was also told by the technician that there hadn't been any complaints concerning the iPhone 5 and voyager legend.  I get to this sounding board and see there have been many complaints.  I have 2 phones ( iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III) and I can tell with the legend has no problem when using my Galaxy. I also own numerous Bluetooth headsets to included a voyager hd which does not have a problem with the iPhone 5. It's really beyond me how the top of the line Voyager Legend performs like it does with the iPhone and the Voyager HD works just fine?  I've been a consistent Plantronics customer for years and I noticed Plantronics has chimed in on the sounding board. I just want them to at least acknowledge the issue when you call them.  I'd really like to keep this headset because I love the form factor and the charging case and caller Id but at this rate I'm using my Motorola, Blueant or (Voyager HD No caller Id which is why I purchased the Legend)

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    bz101 Novice

    +1 on the iPhone 5 audio cutting out.  I really want to keep the headset but obviously the headset gets returned before the phone.


    I've been a beta tester for Jawbone and would be happy to be contacted by Plantronics to help troubleshoot.

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    bz101 Novice

    One more point of testing ... it seems like if you get an audio alert (like from GPS app), push notification or text it may cause the audio to go out.  I am traveling and without the charge cable to change settings but if someone wants to try with A2DP turned off and see what happens.  The Jawbone Era has an issue as well with initiating calls and not transferring audio properly on the 4S with A2DP turned on.  Maybe something similar is going on here.

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