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Voyager Pro won't turn off, call control not working

cyberhap Newbie

Today my Voyager Pro started acting a little strange. I tried to end a call using my normal means (tap call control button) and it didn't work. It had worked earlier in the day, so I didn't pay any mind to it. It has not worked the past 5 calls. I thought of powering off the headset, but pushing the power on/off button for 2 seconds only provides a long tone and then asks me for voice-activated controls. The headset remains on. The volume up and down buttons are doing the same thing as the power button.


It seems as though call control does nothing, and the power and volume buttons are acting like call control. I removed the headset from my phone, but now I cannot reconnect as the power button is doing what it normally does. I'm hoping to just let the battery drain on it and hope I can turn it back on once it does.