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Which one do I buy?

dave_kerr Newbie

We currently use S11 headsets in our offices and some of them are starting to show their age and need to be replaced. I'm considering two options: the CS540 or something in the EncorePro line, but I have a few questions before I make a decision.


1) Will the wireless headsets play nice with each other if there are 5 or 10 in close proximity or am I going to have the same issue I have with  wireless keyboards and mice where somebody will start controlling someone else's computer?


2) Do I need to purchase a lifter, or can I just use the headset port and button on my existing T7316e phones?


3) Overall, which one would suit our needs better?  Clarity and noise cancelling are my two highest priorities.  Wireless would be a
minor convenience because most of our users stay sitting at their desks when making a call.


I would greatly appreciate it if someone with a little more experience than myself could answer my questions.


Thank You,




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    For the most part, the distinction is in the decision to go with the corded or cordless headset. Audio quality will almost always be better when using a corded headset, so if that is your top priority, I'd recommend the Encore Pro. Also, you should not need a handset lifter if you have a phone with a headset button.


    With that said, our cordless headsets do have excellent audio quality and noise cancellation. You also will not have to deal with interference between one CS540 to the next, as each has their own dedicated DECT frequency.


    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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    adamgraham Newbie



    I would possibly suggest the Plantronics CS540; we use them in our office and they are great, no complaints.


    Take a look at the User Manual it might give you some ideas on how the CS540 works