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"MyHeadset Updater" = FAIL

pjk Newbie


Had multiple problems with Voyager Pro HD (see previous posts), still having problems.


So I decided, against my instincts, to try the "MyHeadset Updater" to see if that would help. The reason it's against my instincts is that I've been in the I.T. field professionally for 20 years and I really really don't appreciate vendors who expect users to:


  1. Install unknown/undocumented applications on their computers, especially when they entail potential security compromises
  2. Update product firmware without any documentation about what versions are current/new, and what changes the new versions incorporate. 

"MyHeadset Updater" is all of those things. It is:


  1. Undocumented. The only hint you have about anything is via a very very simplistic web page that basically says "Just install this thing called "MoriniInstaller_2_6_49686_0.exe" and don't think about it". They also call it a "plugin for your PC" which is misleading - "plugins" are for web browsers or apps, not applications themselves. (BTW: Who is "Morini"?)
  2. Requires admin privileges to install - BIG RED FLAG - since it also appears to install a "listener" on port 8011. (ie potential security vulnerability)
  3. There is NO documentation that I can see that discusses how to determine your current firmware revision, or whether or not something newer is available. You are expected to install this app even if it has no updates to offer. Very rude and a waste of customer's time.
  4. And the kicker: DOESN'T WORK. See below.

After going through all that, plugged device into PC, nothing happens. Tried my usual browser (Opera), not supported. Tried current version of Firefox, doesn't work. Tried Internet Explorer 8, doesn't work.




Now I have to go remove it, since I have no idea whether it is going to conflict with something else. Let's hope it doesn't leave the system messed-up too.


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    RavenFB Newbie

    I have to agree, here. There's no documentation at all for the updater, and it seems to do nothing. I tried using this "plug-in" with both my BackBeat 903+ and my Voyager Pro+, and I couldn't find any program in my program files after it "installed". Once the Install Wizard finished, there was no indication at all as to how I am meant to use the program. I tried connecting the Voyager Pro+ with the supplied USB cable, and used the same cable to plug the BackBeat in (since it came with no USB cable of its own). I don't even know if either of these headsets are supposed to be compatible with the "updater". 


    Needless to say, I have since deleted the program using the installer. I can only hope, at this point, that it actually deleted whatever it installed, since I have NO IDEA of what it installed to begin with.


    This is NOT a positive customer experience, which is sad, because I love both of my headsets quite a bit. I use my Voyager Pro+ while I am driving my semi, and find it to be one of the best bluetooth headsets I have used to this purpose. It's second only to the vaunted Blue Parrot BT250-VX in terms of background noise reduction. My BackBeat has become my primary media/music headphones. In fact, I am using them as I type this on my laptop.


    To have my experience and overall impression of Plantronics be tarnished by such a mishap, is completely preventable. Hopefully, you can provide a better "Updater" with some actual documentation, and that actually appears to work... and doesn't hide itself in the background somewhere. Please do.

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      hazmat456 Newbie

      I too am having the same issue with no help from tech support. I only want to turn off the auto awnser feature, otherwise it seems to be a good headset, if I cannot find a way to toggle this off it will be returned by the end of the week.

       Mozilla thinks that the file is corrupt when I try to manually install it , explorer dose not know its there and neither dose chrome, yet I am able to uninstall it?

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    Mod1 PLTEmployees

    I'm not sure if I understand your concern, but the object behind the "MyHeadsetUpdater" is to be able to change features in the headset such as turning off the answer/ignore voice prompt when a call comes in (on certain headsets), you can change the language, etc.  I have provided the list below of what the Updater will allow you to do as well as compatible operating systems and browsers.  If you do not have admin rights on your computer or a firewall that prevents you from using the updater, you would need to contact your IT person for permission to install and as far as a firewall, you may need to disable that to install it.  It is entirely up to the customer as to whether they want to install it or not.  All it does is allow you to have control over the features of the headset.


    MyHeadset Updater

    It's easy to upgrade firmware or personalize the settings using your USB cable, PC and the Plantronics MyHeadset Updater tool.

     Savor M1100Voyager PRO HDVoyager PRO UCUSB Adapter
    Firmware updatesYesYesYesYes
    Change language for voice alerts
    (en-uk, de, fr, es, zh-guoyu, zh-yue)
    Change language for voice commands (en-uk, de, fr, es)Yes------
    Change regional phone number for Vocalyst serviceYesYes----
    Voice commands on/offYes------
    Smart Sensor on/off--YesYes--
    A2DP audio streaming on/off--YesYes--
    "Mute off" voice alert on/off--YesYes--


    MyHeadset Updater is compatible only with Windows®operating system at this time

    Windows Operating Requirements

    • Windows XP
    • Win7 (32-bit/64-bit)
    • Vista (32-bit/64-bit)

    Supported Browsers

    • XP: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 8, and Chrome
    • Win7: Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Firefox 8 and 9, and Chrome
    • Vista: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 9, and Chrome (32-bit only)

    Installation Tip

    Make sure your computer meets the operating system and browser requirements above.

    1. Use your USB cable to connect your headset to your PC's USB port. Disconnect all other devices.
    2. Download and install the MyHeadset Updater plug-in (first time only)
    3. Select settings you would like to change from the list provided. You will be asked to confirm these changes.
    4. During the update do not unplug the headset, power off your computer or close the browser window.


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      pjk Newbie


      Mod1: I am the original creator of this topic.


      I am well aware of what MyHeadset Updater is supposed to do. I was desperate to gain access to that functionality in fact, because the "Smart Sensor" was so "un-smart" that it caused my Voyager Pro HD to ultimately be far less reliable than the Voyager Pro + I had before it, and the original Voyager Pro I had before that. I really needed to use that tool to turn that feature off. Could never accomplish it.


      As far as PC compatibility and so on: I've been professionally building and supporting IT systems for businesses for around 20 years now. I know what I'm talking about when it comes to computers. I tried running MyHeadsetUpdater on at least 3 different, otherwise perfectly stable and reliable PC's, and couldn't get it to work on ANY of them.


      The product is buggy, poorly documented, and poorly supported. In fact, I'd say the list of features you posted in your last comment is the only place ANYWHERE that that list exists, at least based on my previous struggle trying to get it to work.


      Unfortunately for Plantronics, I finally gave up on it and bought another vendor's product, which I am very happy with. I have a feeling a number of other former customers have done the same.





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      dudeguy Newbie

      Sad that, after almost a year an a half of this issue being open, the problem still exists.  I have exchanged my original twice.  Each of the 3 units (tried on multiple PCs) exhibit the EXACT same behavior...or, better, lack thereof.


      There IS a problem with MyHeadset updater.  I LOVE how good the headset sounds, but I can't keep it if I'm unable to update it.  It's enough that I had to track down a PC to even do the update since you guys seem to think Mac users don't want to purchase this headset.


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    coolsaw Newbie

    Hello, I have the same problem and here how i resolve it.



    I found where was installed the files. In my case it was in: C:\Program Files\Plantronics\MyHeadsetUpdater

    • ( To found it i make a search in the registery (REGEDIT)
    • I add to enter manually the address because i don't find the files just by clicking.



    I clicked on the MyHeadsetUpdater.exe and after that i retry to load the web page :

    My Headset | Plantronics



    Just in case I deactivated the firewall but i don't know if i had too.



    After that the browser load the page correctly after we click on continue and was asking to plug the headset.



    Hope will help. Because i didn't find any other solution on web ...

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    PLTAdmin PlantronicsEmployee

    Is Jonathan Morin's reply answered your question?  If it helps, please mark Correct Answer or Helpful Answer and I will mark your question has been answered.  Thank you!

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    thierrymarc Newbie

    Hi everyone,

    For the matter of making the MyHeadsetUpdater work, after much attempts, here is what I did on Windows 8.1 64bits :

    1. went to the website http://www.plantronics.com/us/support/myheadset/updater/
    2. selected my headset (Voyager Pro HD)
    3. Downloaded the installer
    4. Ran the installer
    5. Opened C:\Programs\Plantronics
    6. Right-clicked on MyHeadsetUpdater.exe AND CHOSE "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR"
    7. Went back to same website and ... got the opportunity to continue and successfully update my headset

    Yes, I am a local Administrator on this PC, but this was not sufficient to get MyHeadsetUpdater.exe to run.

    Hoping that this will help some others who got stuck at the same step...


    (Would someone at Plantronics be so kind to update the silly instructions on the download page to actually include the "Run as Administrator" step ? Let's hope...)

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    snowdune Newbie

    What an utter piece of garbage.


    So in order to update a headset, you want me to have a service permanently running on my computer listening on TCP port 8011? A service which moreover apparently needs to run with administrative privileges to even do anything? Is this the state of software engineering at Plantronics?


    The cherry on top is that the thing does not work. Three different machines with three different operating systems (Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7. Tried all of the three recommended browsers. Half the time the installer does not even get downloaded! What happened to a simple HTML link to a file? Too simple of a solution? Does not require enough PowerPoint slides to explain to the manager how awesome your software design skills are?


    This is how it must have went: "So, team, we could package our updater as a simple installer, using one of the installer tools that have been working well for over 15 years (Nullsoft installer?), or we could take on the challenge of dealing with all browser idiosyncrasies, incompatibility problems, extension and add-on conflict problems? Who wants some job security? Who?"


    When it even deigns to install, and you use Thierrymarc's tip and run it as an administrator, it does not do its sole and primary function: connect to the headset and update it.


    The fact that this piece of junk software is still the only way to update a Plantronics headset for 3 years running simply boggles the mind. This is a "Fire-everyone-that-designed/coded-this-garbage-and-get-a-real-dev-to-release-a-new-version-within-a-month" kind of fiasco.


    Actually, the release process tells you all you need to know about the Software Development process (or lack thereof). "MorinInstaller" ? Seriously? As in, the guy compiles the binary on his workstation, and it gets released to customers? The release notes are posted to a support forum? Reproducible builds are for wimps, we are hax0rz!!11!!


    What about QA?

    "Hey Dave, did you run the compatibility tests for the firmware updater?"

    "No, but Jonathan says it works on his machine"

    "Good, let's ship it!"


    I've developed and managed the development of commercial software for over 20 years.


    So why am I exposing myself to so much pain and frustration? Because of another Plantronics screw-up: My headset's battery drains overnight, even when it is switched off. I have what I should now recognize is an irrational hope that there is a firmware update that fixes this. I should probably just go buy a product from a competitor that actually cares.

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      PLTAdmin PlantronicsEmployee

      Hi snowdune,

      I understand your frustration, but please try to respect all parties when you post on public forum.  I have forwarded your feedback to Software Development Team.  If they have better suggestions for you, I will post it on the discussion thread.  Thank you for your feedback!



      Sounding Board Community Manager

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      plttech_caitlin PlantronicsEmployee



      What model headset are you trying to update? When you say that the updater is not downloading are you getting any kind of error message? Are the multiple computers that you've tried the updater with all using the same internet connection?




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        snowdune Newbie

        > What model headset are you trying to update?

        Plantronics Voyager Legend


        > When you say that the updater is not downloading are you getting any kind of error message?

        There are no error messages of any kind


        > Are the multiple computers that you've tried the updater with all using the same internet connection?

        No. I have tried using my corporate connection, at home using residential internet and just now using LTE tethering.

        On all three, the "In progress..." spinner keeps on spinning, for ever.


        For the love of all that is holy, can we just get an HTTP link?

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      Old_Faithful Master

      I would have to agree with those who are complaining in this thread about the aggravation of the firmware updating system.


      As much as Plantronics Customer Support is full of wonderful people that really do their best to help (they truly are top notch - I'm very demanding regarding quality and customer support is priority one when it comes to technology), when it comes to programming, I really get the impression they simply don't know what they're doing and I am starting to suspect the problem may well not be an engineering issue, but rather, a political one.


      Really, what IS the problem? Is it that complicated to write an application one simply downloads in a normal manner and that one can simply use with a binary firmware file to update a device, with some simple option toggles built-in?


      What troubles me the most with the way it's done here is that although computers have become more powerful and are supposedly simpler to use than ever, it has become more frustrating to update a bluetooth headset than to update the firmware on a CD-Writer using DOS 15 years ago, when one simply needed a universal loader with a firmware file and a simple text file with proper parameters as an argument.


      I've been called an old curmudgeon for resisting 'updating' many times, but if there is anything I have learned using computers for the past 40 years, it's that newer is not always better, whereas straightforward and direct always works (yes, there was no such thing as a bluescreen in DOS).


      I would therefore argue that it may be time to rethink how things are done and get back to basics with tools that actually work and empower users because even if it may appear to some that users are dumb, the fact is they are better informed now than they ever were.

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    theroblogdotcom Newbie

    If you have access to a Mac, here's the fix:


    Clever and potentially profitable: Plantronics Voyager Legend Pro Updater not Working: My fix if you have access to a Ma…


    I also found out why the download you get pushed for PC doesn't work. See above. Short story: they need more quality checks on their site. Basic stuff doesn't work, like getting the right download.

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      jhoff80 Newbie

      2 weeks later, the site is STILL BROKEN.  The Voyager Legend selection STILL sends you to the Voyager Edge-only updater.  Absolutely ridiculous that this hasn't been fixed yet.

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        plttech_caitlin PlantronicsEmployee



        Please make sure that you are following the prompts on the web based updater and not using the icon that gets installed on your desktop to launch the updater. The icon that gets installed will only launch the updater for the Voyager Edge. It will not work for the Legend.


        I apologize for the inconvenience and please let us know if you continue to have problems.




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    jeffry7 Newbie

    I wanted to add something here in case it helps others. Like a lot of people here I have been unable to use MYHeadset Updater. In my case it would not work under Windows 7 from either Chrome or Firefox. I tried the suggestions that have been posted by others, but in every case the web prompts would tell me there was a problem communicating with the headset and that I should disconnect it, power it off, and reconnect. This led to an infinite loop of connections and disconnections.


    What finally worked for me was to try it in Windows XP. I don't know about others, but I apparently was getting hung up with some Windows 7 security issue. (Yes I did try running as administrator and turning off the firewall.)

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      PLTAdmin PlantronicsEmployee

      Thank you so much for sharing!


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      Old_Faithful Master

      That warms my heart and as much hostility I hit whenever I announce I will upgrade my windows 7 machine to Windows XP Micro, it is nice to know there is a good reason this operating system has survived: it really does work and can be made extremely secure by the very fact it does not strip away your basic rights and freedoms and your software ability to defend yourself like modern operating systems do.