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Plantronics GameCOM X40 Headset Squealing.

TintheParkin Newbie

Hey, just bought the X40 Headset and have noticed that although the sound is great for playing MW3, when i connect the small audio cable for the mic to the wired 360 controller i get a strange squealing sound. this disappears as soon as i remove the cable. has anyone else had these problems or know of a fix? only happens when i'm using the mic to speak to people.

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    Mod1 PLTEmployees

    It may be a bad microphone.  I would try returning it to the store where it was purchased for another one.  If they can't take it, you can send it to Plantronics to replace.  All you need to do is package the headset up and include your return address, phone number and a copy of your receipt and send to:



    ATTN: Service Center

    345 Encinal Street

    Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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    Mackie Apprentice

    Hello there!


    I am more than confident it is not a bad mic but this is actually an xbox 360 issue.

    Just from what you have said I am guessing you are using the Wired 360 controller or are playing with the 360 charge cable connected with the controller. The squealing/buzzing you are hearing is USB feedback from the XBOX controller and all headsets suffer from this, not just Plantronics.

    The solution:
    Use a wireless controller.


    Hope this helps