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Drivers for Win7 and BackBeat 903

vikingred Newbie

Hi, just purchased the BackBeat 903 and I'm impressed with the performance whilst paired to an iPhone, my problem is with connecting to my work computer. We use the 3CX softphone (I know this is not supported so don't worry) and I normally stream music whilst I work, but, without the correct drivers I cannot get anything to work, volume, pause, call end/answer etc and the sound quality is horrendous! Most of the people I talk with can hear me well enough but apparently it could be better.


I have paired the device several times and Win 7 never finds anything other than a basic driver to connect the device and allow music playback etc., is there anything out there that can be used please?


Thanks in advance.


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    Mod1 PLTEmployees

    In order to use it on your computer, you would either need the adaptor that comes with the 906 headset which is part number 81665-01 or your built in Bluetooth would have to support A2DP profile to streamline music through the headset.  I have provided a link to Plantronics Distributors below if you would like to purchase this adaptor:






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    rdeflin Newbie

    I'm experiencing exactly the same issue.  I have the backbeat 903 and it works perfectly with my phone.  But when I get to establish connection with my new win 7 PC through a bluetooth dongle that works perfeclty with other bluetooth devices, the system reports this:  "Software for your hardware not succesfully installed" and it advices to look for the correct drivers for my headset.  I have been looking in the web for such drivers to no avail.  This very same bluetooth dongle with my older PC (winXP) worked perfectly with my backbeat903 headset and there was no need to install anything (no additional driver was required).


    Please help!

    Thank you.

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    margarita Newbie

    Is there a driver for Windows 7 and the Backbeat 903+


    I get static with the audio when using as music head phone..


    Works great with iPhone.

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      Spivvy27 Newbie

      The Backbeat headset itself does not require drivers to install on Windows 7. What you do need to ensure is that you have the latest drivers for the Bluetooth hardware on the PC. Headsets do not use drivers directly to install.

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        millerspoint Newbie

        I have a new Computer with factory installed Bluetooth, New Software, New Drivers.....  The error reads that driver is not available.  Plantronics needs to have a copy of the driver update that works with their product. Until this happens the beautiful BackBeat goes into the drawer with the other useless hardware and old battery chargers.

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          mshockle Newbie

          I was looking for the answer to this last night for connecting the backbeat to my win7 64.



          AZiO BTD-V201 Micro Bluetooth Adapter USB 2.0


          the driver wouldn't install properly. however, once you enable microsoft downloads on your windows update it corrects itself. I have no problem listening to all types of music in stereo. the microphone im not sure of as i didn't attempt it but i assume it works as well.

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    A73Phoenix Newbie

    I know that this might a little late for some but for my backbeat 903+, I was getting the same issues as mentioned above. I saw the post about updating the drivers for my bluetooth adapter, did the update and all the bells and whistles just started working. Great sound and so far no issues. Nice suggestion about updating drivers for the adapters and not the headset.