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Voyager Pro vs Voyager Pro+ vs Voyager Pro UC

joe422 Newbie

Voyager Pro



Voyager Pro+



Voyager Pro UC



What is the difference between these three?  Plantronics' site doesn't have a "compare features" option and I'm lost here.


I'm guessing the Pro is being replaced by the Pro+ since they're the same price.


But what the heck is the "UC" and why is it $100 more than the other two models?  What's different?

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    PLTEngSW PlantronicsEmployee

    The Pro+ is replacing the Pro, that is correct, the Pro+ also has A2DP to allow you to listen to podcasts or visual voicemail if your phone has that feature.


    The UC version is provided with a USB dongle for connecting the headset to your laptop or PC for Voip calls, UC stands for Unified Communications and is this years buzzword for anything related to Voip or IM clients like Messenger or Skype.

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      ggaylord Newbie

      So does the Voyager Pro+ do all the same switching when used with a Bluetooth MacBook Pro (2010) that the Voyager Pro UC would do?   The website for the UC product states it:  "Automatically transfers calls between mobile phone and headset".  Can Can you do this with the Voyager Pro+?   Can the Voyager Pro+ work with the Plantronics Sametime plug-in?

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        Joss Newbie
        Hi there, can we keep this thread going, I too am trying to get an explanation as to the differences between these models to justify the price differentials. Do both models have the position sensors? Do both models come with software that integrates with outlook? Perhaps playgrounds would appreciaten having the confusing nature of their website pointed out, a simple table would suffice for explanation. J
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        graham Novice

        The automatic switching to transfer calls between mobile phone and headset relies on the sensors on the Voyager Pro UC V2 so unfortunately you can't do this on Voyager Pro +.


        The Plug-in for Sametime supports the following  Plantronics audio headsets and phones.
        • Voyager PRO UC (Bluetooth®)
        • Voyager 510-USB (Bluetooth®)
        • Savi® Go (wireless)
        • Savi Office (wireless)
        • CS50/60-USB™ (wireless)
        • Blackwire™ C420, C610, C620 (corded)
        • Calisto® Pro (wireless handset)
        • DA45™ USB Adapter (for selected Plantronics H-Series corded headsets)


        Pdf here Sametime Installation Guide


        Unfortunately the Voyager Pro + isn't listed as a supported headset.




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      sar Newbie

      Am replacing a GN 9330 and want something for dragon Naturally Speaking.

      After reading the comment am confused about the UC model which isnt available where I wanted to buy the Pro.


      Can I buy the Plantronics Voyager Pro and have it work with my WinXp?

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        graham Novice

        Sar the Voyager Pro will work with Windows XP with a bit of effort.  However it doesn't support wideband audio like the UC model so it  may not work that well with Dragon.   The Voyager Pro isn't rated highly for use with Dragon on the Speech Empowered computing blog here but your results may vary. The GN 9330 is a DECT headset so you may want to look at the Plantronics DECT model which is the CS50 USB  here or maybe the Plantronics Savi Go W100G Bluetooth which also supports wideband audio on Windows XP link here


        See thread about using Bluetooth Headsets with Windows XP here

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    jch999 Newbie

    I use the VPUC on a laptop for voip. Is there a way to make the VPUC active for voip but leave all other audio to the computers speaker system. The default install makes the VPUC the default sound system and the computer sound system no longer works. I have to manually re-set the speaker system to the default to get it to work again.  Is there a way to use both?




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    graham Novice

    Joe see comparison between the different Voyager Pro Models below and here


    Hope that is useful


    What's the difference between the Voyager Pro headsets?

    FeatureVoyager ProVoyager Pro+Voyager Pro UC (WG200/B & WG201/B)Voyager Pro UC (B230 & B230-M)
    Voice alertsYesYesYesYes
    Smart SensorsNoNoNoYes
    USB adapterNoNoYes (BUA-200)Yes (BT300)
    Wideband AudioNoYesYesYes
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      jalyst Novice

      Hey thanks for all the useful input Graham, Plantronics should hire you to help out!

      God knows they need to step up their game in that area...

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        Spec Newbie

        As a follow on, I want to buy the UC version for VOIP business use as well as linking to my cell.


        However, There is a standard model and a Windows model. In addition, there appears to be new versions versus the old versions for each of these.


        Can someone elaborate on which ones have what features and which one I should buy considering I want to 1.) Use for business VOIP (Toktumi), cell use, and Dragon?

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          graham Novice



          Personally I would get the newer Voyager Pro UC 2.  I have posted a comparison of the newer version Voyager Pro UC (B230 & B230-M) vs the older version Voyager Pro UC (WG200/B & WG201/B) previously in this thread.


          The difference between the windows (Microsoft) and non Microsoft is the Microsoft version is optimized fro Microsoft Lync and OCS 2007 description of the different B230 models below.  


          Models B230: UC Standard version built for UC applications and 
          softphones from Avaya, Cisco, IBM and more
          B230-M: Version optimized for Microsoft® Lync
          and Microsoft OCS 2007™


          Toktumi doesn't appear to be supported on the advanced UC features however it should work fine for VOIP.

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            youretheman Newbie

            Hi gentlemen, 


            new to this forum, can you help me out figuring which feature will allow the headset to connect wireless to your laptop if you wanted to use skype? A friend of mine said the Voyager pro won't but the Voyager plus and Voyager UC will?






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            Gardoglee Newbie

            Graham, thanks for the specific information on cmparisons of models.  It is difficult to find a simple summary like that on the Plantronics site itself, which is extremely frustrating.  They should have you designing some parts of the site.


            My issue is with a newly purchased Voayger Pro UC V2 B230M.  I have the dongle plugged in, and I can communicate with the PC (along with my Samsung/Android phone).  When I use the Windows controls for the sound I can direct everything to the UC headset.  The automatic sensing for headset on/off my head doesn't seem to be doing anything, but taht is not a real concern for me at this point, and I only mention it in case it has diagnostic value.  My issue is when I try to use the headset for Dragon Naturally Speaking V11.5.  The Dragon is working fine with the line in jack and works with my old Plantronics DSP100 headphones.  However, when I try to use the UC I get no volume from the BT headset.  I have tried updating an existing profile and adding a new profile.  When I go to the Dragon site they predictably have no real information, just an embedded reference to a Plantronics PDF file about incompatibilities of older Plantronics BT heasets with Vista.  I'm pretty sure that is irrelevant to me since I am using Windows XP.  This is an employer supplied PC, so I have no option to update tow Windows 7, which of course might solve my whole problem.


            When I try to configure the Dragon profile for the UC headset it gives me the option to select "Bluetooth Microphone" for the first level of device, and then "Plantronics BT300M" from the next level, which is consistent with what I have found on the Nuance site.  This indicates to me that Windows is telling Dragon that my headset exists and some particulars.  However, a couple of dialog boxes later the Dragon software wants to test the volume level from the BT headset.  Each time I do this test the Dragon software tells me the sound level is too low, with the helpful hint that my headset might not be connected.  I'm pretty sure it is connected since the "beep" from the Dragon error comes to me through the BT headset.


            I have done the "test" function in the Windows dialog box for setting up the UC headset, including the part where you speak into the headset and Windows echos abck to you what you are saying.  All of that works, so I am pretty sure that Windows is getting along OK with my headset.  I realize also that this is most likely a Dragon problem, and I am asking the same question over on their forums.  Hwoever, since I noticed that I do not seem to be the only one having problems with a Voyager Pro UC V2 and Dragon, I thought someone here might be able to help me, inparticular if this is an issue with using the B230M dongle instead of a generic BT dongle.  I'd like to be able to use the B230M because I use MS Lync for meetings, and selected the UC V2 B230M specifically for that compatibility.


            Any advice?  Anyone?

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              panabodian Newbie

              I am having the exact same issue. I also have Dragon and can not get it to recognize the headset. It is doing ok with skype but not Dragon. I have also tried some of the Broadcomm updates but it dosen't even recognize that the headset is linked. I've als tried connecting without the dongle. Didn't help. In dragon, are you calling this a USB microphone or bluetooth?

              Any Ideas?

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            christ Newbie

            Hi. I just bought Voyger Pro UC v2 - B230M but was not aware that there is a standard version available. I am wondering if i should go for exchange for standard version but would like to know the real difference in terms of usage. Is this just with added feature "optimize for Microsoft Lync"? I just wanted a good headset that i can use for PC, Ipad, Iphone and blackberry... no specific application that i will use it for now. Is there something that will not wok on B230M but works on B230? Thanks 

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            peachymuli Newbie

            hi Graham! i am desperate for a clear and speedy reply as even our headset supplier lacks knowledge on the subject.
            i intend to order a Voyager Pro UC V2 B230 to replace my Blackwire C420. my only problem is i need to be 100% sure that ill be able to use if with Cisco softphone. The supplier tells me i will need the extra handset lifter which i think is odd and pointless. This is just an ear piece. So i just need to ask, if i buy this one, am i sure this will work with my CISCO soft phone and is there any special additional product i need to buy to make that work or additional software not in the basic package or anything extra i need to do to make it work with the cisco? as it is, the main purpose for us having this headset is for the cisco softphone. or do u just suggest that i get the new balckwire c520? my problem with the c420 was that the wire got loose inside because it is prone to pulling and damage. thank you so much.

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              Mod3 Master

              Hi Peachy - I think I can give you some help with your questions.


              First, just to clarify: A handset lifter is used for a desk phone, so maybe your supplier got confused and thought you were talking about a desk phone. Under no circumstance should you need a handset lifter when dealing with Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a strictly wireless technology, and you're using the headset to connect to a softphone on your computer. You're right to question this recommendation, as it is inaccurate.


              I do have to say that I personally use a Blackwire C520 and love it, but you do have to deal with a cord in this instance. Conversely, it does have great audio quality and of course you'll never lose your connection with a corded headset (except in the case of a wiring issue as you mentioned). I use Voyager headsets as well, and can give a solid recommendation for both - it's just a matter of if you'd prefer wireless or not, since both have their advantages.


              As far as compatibility with the Cisco softphone - which softphone are you using? Both the Blackwire and the Voyager UC are compatible with a number of Cisco softphones with the help of our Spokes software (which you can download for free on our site), including CIPC, CUPC, CUCI-MOC, CUCI-LYNC, and CUCI Connect.

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                peachymuli Newbie

                Thank you so much for responding! My Cisco IP Communicator properties show name as: Cisco IP Communicator.Ink  Does this mean that mine is CIPC? does this mean i can purchase and use the Voyager Pro B230 and use it with CIPC with  no problem? DOes this also mean i will first need to download the spokes software before it can function? I have been using the c420 before it broke... will i need new software? Again so many thanks for your help.

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                  Mod1 PLTEmployees

                  Hello Peachy,


                  Yes, you can use the Voyager Pro UC (B230) and you can use the same SPOKES software.  The SPOKES software (optional) is designed to give you call control using compatible softphones such as your Cisco IP Communicator (CIPC) as well as control some of the headset settings, you will also be able to update the firmware through the Update Manager with the SPOKES software.  However, you do not require the software to make the headset work.


                  When you plug the USB adapter into your computer, just go to your sounds and audio devices within Windows if you are running Windows and make sure the USB adapter is selected as your default device for both sound playback and sound recording.  Once you verify that, there is an audio tuning wizard within Cisco IP Communicator that you would need to make sure the headset is selected as your device, make a test call and you should be all set.


                  If you have a MAC, you would go into your system preferences under sound and make sure the headset is selected for both "input" and "output."