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Calisto Pro headset won't pair with handset

daisylady Newbie
Just got my new Calisto Pro. The handset works just fine by itself, but won't pair with the headset. The screen shows the broken headphones icon. I've tried numerous times to repair the headset using Initial Setup with no success. Help?
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    HomeOfficer productexperts

    Hi, Sorry to hear you are having trouble with headset pairing. The Calisto headset is pre-paired with the handset at the factory so you should not have to re-pair it.


    Sometimes the handset can lose connection and removing the handset battery for 1 minute and then replacing it can sometimes fix the problem.


    If it does not, there are instructions in your user guide for re-pairing the headset and handset. See page 41 and in the PDF link.



    Best of luck

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    arkelly Newbie

    Just got a replacement phone for battery reasons and the new headset had poor sound, so I figured I'd try to pair the OLD headset with the NEW handset (haven't sent the old system back yet).  Bad move, now I have both systems unpaired from both headsets, can't get either to re-pair with either.  Could it be that both systems are near by each other?  I'm doing everything exactly as stated in the owners manual, turning the headset off, starting the paring from the handset, then turning the headset back on again.  It sits there attempting to pair fo a couple minutes, then says "unsuccessful".  This is for both phones, both attempting to pair with each headset. 



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      arkelly Newbie

      Update:  I successfully paired a Motorola H700 bluetooth headset with my Calisto Pro (thought you couldn't do that?).  I also paired this H700 with my HTC Incredible.  I tried to pair both Calisto Pro headsets with the Incredible, it didn't see them.  So now I know the handset is fine for finding a headset, its a problem with both headsets.  What are the chances of two headsets not being able to be "found"?  Especially since they worked before I removed them?  


      Hopefully someone from support is reading this and can provide a user error solution, I've read the pairing directions about 20 times, and since I have the H700 paired successfully, I'm stumped. 

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    bmsucutt Newbie

    I realize that I am adding to a 2009 post but I am now having very similar issues. I purchased a new headset for my Calisto Pro handset but it will not pair with the handset nor will it pair with my BB. I removed my old headset from both items and I am easily able to re-pair. Is there a fix or do I need to return the new headset?

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      Tex Master

      Brent, are you sure it was really a new headset? The original Calisto Pro was discontinued like 2 years ago. Since I'm not sure where you bought I won't talk about that except to say there are unscrupulous people who'll sell anything online. Other Bluetooth headsets should be able to pair with your Calisto and your cell phone easily. Plantronics has some nice ones in the Voyager PRO family (HD, Legend, etc.). They won't charge on your Calisto's charging base, but they all come with chargers. All of those headsets are lighter and generally much better for taking with you due to the small form factor.

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    kshvine Newbie

    I'm on my forth handset battery.  Headset finally failed (won't hold charge).  Purchased new headset online and had the same problem of not being able to pair the bluetooth.  Here's what worked:


    Shut down the handset by holding the handset button until you hear the descending tones.  Now put the handset into pairing mode (menu -> initial setup -> pair new headset).  Now hold the headset button and wait for the ascending tones BUT DO NOT RELEASE THE BUTTON YET.  Continue to hold the headset button for several more seconds until you see the handset indicate discovery.  Press "accept".  My problem was not holding the button past the ascending tones!!!